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Jan 13, 2012 7:00am EST
quote in the house. >> well, here we are. good morning to you.
Jan 12, 2012 5:30pm EST
rescueáá crews... pulled the man.../ out...// from... under.../ the train...///. ááinvestigatorsáá are... now working .../ to... figure out.../ how... the wheelchair.../ ended up.../ on... the tracks. more controversy surrounding the baltimore grand prix. the city council president is to stop pursuing the race this year....because of the major money problems.but... now he's being criticized for voicing his opposition.melinda roeder is here to explain how the debate is revving up. last year's race... finished more than 12-million dollars in the red. most of that money is owed to vendors. but the city is still looking toorecover one and a half million bucks in taxes and fees. considering the financial faillre... council president jack young... says it's time to hit the brakes. and focus on other priorrties.but the mayor insists theerace is good for baltimore... and she's looking to find a new investment team that will bring it back this year. so far, there's no deal.... but stephanie rawlings-blake believes there's still time. áandá she seems to think jack young áwillá support the race
Jan 27, 2012 4:30pm PST
reponoc rec @ captio@noc re@noc rec 2noc recv >> tom: goodóvfo[ar fvjoining u. good news today on the u.s.econh qu@arte noc than year.@ @ec s still quite modest. noc >>re sc us2ie: toóvm,[a growth came as anoc rec 2óv[afvv ok at the details. the commerce dep @that december.cfves produced in the - @xpecting 3%>> tom: while clear. c recac n 2keep uóv yonorkc .úv[afvúv[afv2úv[afv >> reporter: if yo what's in store for it helps to @co @noc rec 2@noc rec 2úv[afvrec 2, @noc ers s noorc trehec y 2are goúvin[ag t ut that's not happening noc 15re,0c 002 shoesúv i[an fva store aren't moving quickl2úv[a@ the more merchandise there@noc a and if the trend is widespc recv it avck pfv bufv might actually@ be gest to @us 2 2irms are feeling confidennoc r fvfvab2av[a inventory stockstsersistent@ ofe thnoisc qreuac rt2er.av[a but they expect grownostc rec 2v year.av[afv @but noitowth. >> reporter:@ c c to2 have want to hire, but they can't.avv hands.e a little bit more @rowth to in@vest noc rec 2av[afvth >> reporter: and the outlook fcv erika miller, "n@ig@noc rec bvus bvding to
Jan 11, 2012 11:00pm EST
street... / near... the armory....// áápoliceáá are... looking.../ for... the vandals new.../ &presearch.../ shows .../ áásmokingáá marijuana.../ is... actually better.../ for... human lungs .../ ááthanáá p cigarettes.../. cigarettes.../.science.../ has... shown .../ áácigaretteáá smoking.../ causes ...lung cancer.../ and... long-term .../ problems...//../ - áábutáá doctors/// say.../ they... were surprised.../ to... find...// áápeopleáá... who... occasionally... smoke pot.../ áádidn'táá show... the same.../ reduced.../ lung function.../ seen... in.../ cigarette smoking. a student brings a taser to school - and parents say they're the last to find out about it! this morning - students at beechfield middle school were searched by police - after student brought a taser to school monday morning. officials say the device was recovereddand there was no disruption to the school day. but parents say they want to know why they weren't notified about the incident when it happened
Jan 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
.../ are.../ working.../ around ...the clock.../ áátoáá... catch up.../ with... the essex.../ arsonist.../ before.../ he... strikks again...////. áámyrandaáá stephens.../ takes you.../ inside.../ &pfor... this.../ arson. arsonist. nats 41:43 it was right there. you see all the blacc marks 46 john eurich points out the area where a fire broke out just before one weenesday morning... in the back alley of hhs family's mansfield road home. 4252 the fire department woke evvrybody up in our house. we didn't know what was going on. as it turns out - the fire was no accident. &pofficials say someone set fir to a large pile of trash bags the family set out the day before. ashley 42:22 it's crazy. cause if you notice, there's a wood shed right next to us if that woold've lit on fire it could've easily led up to the houses 29myranda 57:22 but they weren't thh only ones targeted. baltimore county police say in all there were 8 fires in this area that night. all believed to be arson 31 police say three sheds, two cars and two dumpsters were all targeted i
Jan 9, 2012 6:00pm EST
-old was standing with another man. the circumstances are, are still unclear. the police say there was an axe change change of gunfire. it is unclear who was armed? it's either him or -- >> we're searching for a vehicle and we're asking for the assistant of the public in the vehicle. small, gray, silver, suv and we believe the vehicle would have bullet holes and pokily some golden. the 19-year-old was looking forward to becoming a father in the spring. >>> adding to the newsdesk at 6:00, things may be looking up for those looking for a job. it's not just target. >>> things are, are not looking up for the washington wizards. they are the only winless team. what is the first, seep in the guys. the state of the whiz and it's not a great one. it's coming up as the news edge at 6:00 continues. blain  . >>> mayor has a new plan to combat unemployment. he wants to change federal and city rise to allow taller high- rise buildings. he thinks that will attract more companies to the area. mayor gray says he's focusing getting the buildings to seven to eight. >>> oprah's best friend h
Jan 12, 2012 10:00pm EST
.... market.... now,.../ páaffeineá... inhalers .../ are... hitting the shelves.../ too...///. áájeffáá abell.../ says...// ááthey'reáá creating.../ a... new buzz.../ and ....some say nnw danger. danger. (exterior coffee shop) at one world cafe...... (quick coffee grindiig nats) itssthe morning grind....that creates a daily buzz.... (24:45) "you'll see someone and like i'm so jittery i've had three cups of coffee, four cups of coffee...." but now....there's a speedier way of getting a caffeine fix..... (youtube) (snorting caffeine) its a first of its kind....caffeine inhaaer.... its called aeroshot.....and each pocket-size tube carries 100- milligrams of much as a large cup of coffee..... just breathe in five calorie-free, lime-flavored puffs....nd users are caffeine fixed. pull it out in an airplane, walking through security or in plass....ttke just as much as you need put it back in your pocket and take some more &plaaer." but its that conveniece that is raising concern. (9:50)
Jan 9, 2012 5:00pm EST
? the roads for the most part are, are just wet, okay? i'm going to talk about where the roads may be just a little bit slippery and the temperatures continue to be fluctuating around rees. if we go on to max hd radar, you could see what's going on. the darkest colors, the darkest gray we have and in slow mode. that indicates where the heaviest rain. from dc to the south down to i- 95 to fairfax-- there's a fairly sharp cutoff of any snow that will try to accumulate to dc. frederick county, harold county, places like that, really not much is going on. something else we can do, we can colorize it for you. the reds indicating the heaviest snow bans are. and basically look right south of the city there. and that's where potentially we're getting snow, maybe an inch or two an hour in that red area. quickly over temperatures. right in the city, the temperatures fluctuating between 33 and 34. some slippery roadways, potential down to the south for fairfax. we have some reports of maybe a little light snow covering the roadways from menaceis. it looks like the back side will be an hour, hour and
Jan 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
.../ involving.../ a... towing company.../// ááchargesáá against... "frosty the snowman".../ are... on hold.../ for... now.../ kevin... walsh .../ of... chestertown .../ faces...aasault.../ and... other charges.../ ááforáá this brawl november.../ááheáá was dressed... as.../ frosty...//ááprosecutorsáá ssy... walsh.../ will... get .../ a... mental.../ evaluation.../ááhe'lláá also... have to .../ stay away.../ from... the home .../ of... the.../ arresting.../ officer. maryland's slot machine commission has rejected a proposal to build a casino in western maryland's rocky gap state park... park... ...the commission's informationnrequired.. about - how they would finance the casino.... thhs rejection commission for a casino at rocky gap.... pennsylvania ii busy drilling for natural gas in the marcellus shale region. new technology is allowing companies to obtain much more natural gas. but its also raising environmental concerns which is the reason maryland hasn't permitted similar leaders in two
Jan 30, 2012 4:30pm PST
>> know, i revenue @st profitability ar@ facebnoooc rea saw last year.c sreac w 2aevíay fast butms 2f pstimate that facebooactuall bvisnoc rec 2fvía investors will getfvíabv >> you kno something like ng.@ noer bv@at's ano qc uerestc io2nvesta you know unique visitor this company they are a their ov u.s.stronfvíabv so when you think russia@ indir linokec sreouc th2lot of growtv rope the growth will not more time spent to moregement on thee movie streaming, bvc se2rvicesgv oían bvthkind oa drive me put you on sheer. is thiu thatidual@noc should@ 2ec >>2 ithnoec rec íabvvaluat early to tempt2gvíabv 100 talking about, w onu @ca $250 high@noc rec 2at the la compellire lc oo2kgvíabv at how generating t what it is , use lot@noc preview @ nofac 2 >> thanks for havino>>c wree'cv 2gvíabv greencreht word@ "wor@d on tnohec sretrc ee2t"t2 íabvmarkets highernoc rec 2hv profit outlook todreiac n 2cruir much as $175 million noc f@ it's still tryin@noc rec 2 hv @@noc rec 2noc rec 2hvíabvhave n carnival shares fell 2%hvíabv c% accident h@ap c oc renth.big compet@itor rnoo hv1%í you
Jan 11, 2012 7:31pm PST
to hear what their thoughts are. >> i have a question for the permit holder. can you tell me what you knew about the place on the corner? >> no, according to her they would operate entire food -- thai food. >> she said the enemies. you were not aware there was vietnamese food being served? >> no. >> did you walk around that block? >> we wanted to be fair. >> there was a food operation is a public speaker is operating from? did you go there bowma? i can understand you might have a little anxiety. if there food operation was there, did you go look at the menu in and see what they are selling and make your determination and now that you would not be in conflict with them? >> no. >> you did not? >> we did go around to find if there was of food conflict. >> when you got to this area of the woman now occupies? >> i am not sure which one. >> she is going to be across from where you are. >> kitty corner. now >> is she kitty corner? >> across the street is wells fargo, and this building. >> if the building across is the 200-block, and you are at one, there cannot be 100. a one and 100 are the same.
Jan 21, 2012 2:00pm EST
better at it than most people ever are. but then he was also much better at rating than most writers are and at teaching than most teachers are. if he preferred the classroom to the office and the board room, it was because he was such a gifted teacher. what made john such an extraordinary teacher was an irrepressible desire to communicate. i first noticed this need in action when we were both on at yale expedition to promote relations with the university of munich. neither of us had much german beyond what we had crammed in order to passed a preliminary examinations with a doctorate but what seems a high hurdle to me was all in and day's work for john. i remember trying to express the concept of ambivalence which is actually much the same in german as if it is in part. there was john underlining his points by gesticulating with his pipe while uttering phrases like -- [speaking german] -- how in hell do i say ambivalent in german? i could not come to his rescue being convulsed with laughter. excuse me. lost my place. sorry about that. but anyway, john would always get his idea across
Jan 17, 2012 1:31pm PST
of communication about this parking area. can you tell us where we are? can we talk about that? am or is that just asking about -- >> you are welcome to ask a question, but there cannot be discussion beyond questions that receive clarification. >> there was a proposal put out quite some time ago last year. there was quite a bit of community outreach through dozens of community group meetings. individual telephone in e-mail response is done by staff. the plan was thereby revised. a revised plan was subjected to an mta hearing this past friday. here in city hall. the outcome of that hearing resulted in the recommendation that i would bring in its form, or revised form, to the mta board on the seventh. that process has happened. i think that there are more community meetings scheduled between now and the seventh. our current plan is to bring to the board a proposal low some sort of the seventh, to advance the parking proposals. >> the people who are writing, they are where? -- they are aware? >> of the dates? >> yes, do they know that this is when it is going to happen? >> i think so. quite a few do,
Jan 26, 2012 1:48pm PST
life. ♪ >> we have a whole generation of people who do not know who we are. that is really sad, because you're missing out on a lot. we know a lot. we did a lot for you. you would not be here if it were not for us. >> look at house scrawny they are. -- look at how scrawny they are. >> we are seeing come out and be filled with pride. it is our responsibility to make sure that continues right through their last days. ♪ supervisor wiener: thank you very much. before public comment, we have the rules committee which is starting up right now, and we will be talking about bringing choice of voting. which i am sure will be a brief conversation. so supervisor campos and supervisor farrell: have had it over there. there on that committee. and president chiu has joined us. i have an item at rules, and i will have to pop out briefly. if you see the musical chairs, just so you understand what is happening. supervisor farrell had already called a few names. let me call a few more. the rules for public comment, you receive two minutes. when you have 30 seconds left, you'll hear is off to bell. at t
Jan 9, 2012 5:30pm EST
.../ are... being raised.../ aboutt.. the raid../. and.../ what exactly .../ was... going on... there. :40 - "i don't understand it. i think it's weird. why was he in there and there was a drug busttgoing on. i don't understand hat."02:04 "i think bbcause they didn't find anything where he was... when that stuff was happening though" though." 3--arrests... were .. .made...// áánoáá... drugs... were found...// in... kirby's... apartment....///áákirbyáá... and... his attorney.../ couldn't...// be baltimore police are back in a neighborhood tonight where someone stabbed an elderly woman to death... before her house burned. police saa they need the public's help to find her kille. killer. keith daniels.. live in east baltimore where officers re knocking on doors looking for answers. remembering.../ a... homettwn hero...///. ááwwstminsteráá...// is... mourning theeloss.../ of../. an... airman. airman.airman... fiist class... matthew seidler.../ was kiiled... thursday.../ ááwhenáá his vehicle... was hit .../ by... a... roadssde bom
Jan 16, 2012 5:30pm EST
. report. maps-fiber-maps-95at175 3 3 ravens fans.../ are... ástillá... celeerating... tonight...//// áánowáá./.. that....their.../ just... one win away .../ from... the sup. superbowl.the ravens defeated the texans 20-13...and now advance to a-f-c championship in new england.the pressure is on and fans say they have mixed emooions going into next week's game... following last nights less than tellar peformance, but they hope baltimore comes out on top. "ravens seem to man up and play their best football out ttere, so i am actuallyy looking forwarr to it""i'm peally confident tsizzles gonna cruuh tom brady"" i think we've got to be on top problem" the last time the ravens went to new england in the playoffs... just two years ago, baltimore won 33-14. ...and people are hoping for a repeat! ravens fans.../ aae... beaming ...with... áájustáá... 60--- minutes...// away... from the super bowl....// áábabyáá elliott... from westminster.../ looks... incredibly...// spirited...// áásportingáá his... purple pride.../ááhe'sáá hooing... his.../ fumanch
Jan 20, 2012 5:30pm EST
...// tracking the storm in the skywatch weathee center. 3 road crews.../ are.../ already... on tte highways.../ and.../ ain-- streets.. // pápreparingáá... for... the.../ wors. worst. janice park.../ live.../ in... north baltimore.../ ááwhereáá... trucks.../ are... loading up.../ with saat. ddivers tell me they ve been very busy since 9 am this morning they ve been brining the roads. right behind me is 3 thousand pounds of salt right nnw the roads and ground are dry...but that is going to quickly change. the state hwy administration says they have thousands of trucks ready to battle tonight s storm. there s wide rangg of predictions for what we ll see...from freezing rain to ice to snow...but the hwy ready and their crews will e - work all night if necessary. crews have been brining all day and once the first precipitation hits..that s whhn they will sslt the roads. peoppe to stay home tonight valerie edgar tate hwy administration spokesperson 061942 no drivers!!his is one of those nights where the prediction is so hoorible go home stay home wait until m
Jan 20, 2012 10:00pm EST
.../ tracking... the storm.../ in... the skywatch .../ weaaher center. 3 road crews.../ are.../ already... on the highways.../ and.../ main-- streets.. // for... he.../ wors. worst. janice park.../ streaming... live.../ just north of the city line.../ ááwhereáá... trucks.../ are... loading up.../ with salt. salt. it has been a consttnt stream of drivers in and out of here sincc 9 am. tonight the ssate highway administratiin is warning despite their efforts...the ground and roads are going to turn into ice. ice. 3 3 3 in lutherville...supermarree parking lots are full... full...and so are the carts... caats..."three inches of snow, yea i heard there is goong to be snow and some ice" ice""well actually there's more stuff in there because we've been to two places" places"""e'd be ready for all next week"people are bracing for he worst... buttthey are also getting ready for sunday's big ravens game. game. "so all of a sudden they said there is going to be ice...and i said oh my" my""surprised thhreeweren't more people in there ttking all t
Jan 1, 2012 11:00pm PST
is the last private town in america. the company soared -- >> everybody knows who you are, what you drive. where you live. >> reporter: and so are churches and elementary schools. >> what more can you ask for? you have a beautiful town, a market, a gym, a school, a playground. everything is safe and secure. >> reporter: residents say it's a modern mayberry. and the company they say looks out for them. >> your grandmother worked for them. >> yeah. >> father. >> yes. >> mother. >> yes. >> and you. >> me, brother, sister. >> and they all lived in scosha. they told us that in recent years that pacific lumber has been money first, people last. the company plans to sell homes. >> people are going to get -- and it's the little guys. >> reporter: that scosha has survived as long as it has is remarkable. it has survived fires and per happen it is biggest threat of all the environmental ruling. ten years ago, pacific lumber looked like this. with it's processing fee all the time. now shut. >> pacific lumber has had more violations for state forestry violations than any other company in california.
Jan 13, 2012 2:01am PST
the more i realize how much alike we are. and if you take anything away take that. take the fact that all humanity is the same. you know the -- culturesar a background for me it makes you who you are. if you are japanese you bow. if you are chinese you don't. there are certain things that are specific to each culture. but if you are writing characters there are specific things that are everybody. and that's more important to me in that sense. you have the culture's background but if you can understand why a person who lives in that culture feels the way they do or does what they do i think that's the most important thing. does that answer your question? >> yeah. >> thank you. >> you letting me off? [laughter] do i have another story to tell you? i would if i -- >> you seem very conscious of the writer's process you are aware of how you work. you mentioned you changed from a film major to an english major. can you talk about when you were conscious when you wanted to be a writer. >> as opposed to a film maker? >> yes. >> some writers are not aware of their process as you are and i'm
Jan 25, 2012 9:48pm PST
to be very important. please rise of the people concede we really are. [applause] san francisco, frankly, would never be complete -- i left my heart in san francisco? that is part of what we are about. there is something that has become equally important in this city. that is none other than what john silver has been putting together now, one way or another, in memory of the in in an ongoing basis to silver, which is beach bank -- beach blanket babylon. so, cool it and watch beach blanket babylon. >> ♪ it only takes a tiny corner by the place, not your love. i have been away, but now i am back to tell you san francisco, open your golden gate san francisco, you are the laundering one no more tell me why the heart of the golden work. san francisco, open your golden gate shoes you're wondering one no more. but tell me you are the heart of gold in july [unintelligible] ♪ >> good afternoon, i'm lawrence kornfield. welcome to our brown bag lunch. the fire department as a lot to do with fire escapes in san francisco. we have tens of thousands of fire escapes in san francisco. it's sort of l
Jan 10, 2012 2:30pm PST
. we have spoke in iowa. here we are. how much has the race changed? >> it has changed quite a bit. coming out of violence, you have rick santorum that surged an dlost - -and l-- and lost steam in a week. newt gingrich setting the stage for what will be a battle royale. if you tune in to one thing, tuna and the south carolina. a lot of dynamics, but the one constant the you have commented on is that mitt romney is still the 25% candidate. polls coming up this week showing 40%, republican voters hussein that they will like him if he is the nominee in he is the most electable, that they use words like possibly, likely, there is not the fervor and the kind of energy need to go up against obama. >> i have heard again from republican voters that say, we just don't understand. we know we have a shot, we just don't have a candidate. >> my argument is that we do have a candidate. the candidates have not made the case. everyone is trying to scratch their head, which one of these people have to choose to do it? from how conservative they are to help progressive they are, nobody is looking at
Jan 13, 2012 12:01am PST
these kinds of products are. we will be putting together opportunities and making those available to businesses so they understand what those requirements are. we did a lot of vendor ferriairs where we brought people to come in and talk to businesses to see there is so well so -- there is a wealth of inventory that meets the requirements, and we continue to do that here. four out reach, that is a cornerstone of what we do. we look at any legislation within environmental focus, and we are trying to create change. the only way to do that is through education. we feel the opportunity to continue to work with other merchants associations and other businesses in santa francisco really is the ability for us to change behavior. we can do that through out leash -- outreach. we see that as an opportunity for us. you have a tremendous wealth of data with respect to making sure we reach out to all of the district, not only some of the large traditional advocates for businesses but equally for small merchants who may not have formal associations to try to get out there. we are working with ou
Jan 13, 2012 9:00am EST
!meeto show our - pride!((we are, we are the ravens nation.)) nation.)) get pumped ffr sunday's ig game ...with a live performance of áravens nationá... right here in our studio still ahead. ahead.and ladies... are you ssme fashionable ideas for showing off your ravens pride next. you're watching fox 45 good day bbltimore. sport your purple pride, ladies. the n-f-l has women's apparel just for you.they sent us some to show off... off...((áááááad libááááá)) victoria's secret pink tailgate with me shirt -- long sleeve football tee -- $39.50; licensee: football tee -- pink long sleeve victoria's tailgate with me shirt -- $34.99victoria's secret pink long sleeve football tee -- $39.50; licensee: pinkcutterr& buck long sleeve striped shirt -- $45.00logo-art stackable rings: $99.99game-time glitz watch: $34.95 3 $34.95 forrmore information about nfl women's apparel.. just go tt our website foxbaltimoreedot commslash morning. morning.stay tuned... ecause purple pride apparel a little - later in our ssow. you're wearing your purple... now ssow it off! off!((we are,
Jan 18, 2012 5:00am EST
by police... continues . old jarrel gray are ssing ar frederick county police for 145 million dollars.the trial began tuesday, here in ffderal court in 2007... gray was taseree twice in the chest after he got iito a fight near a sheriff's deputy. investigators say he refused to comply with orders to show his hands. gray died two hours after he was tased. the case has raised many questions about the use of stun guns by exist.">the attorney reeresenting the sheriffs deputy claims he properly followed his training... and did not know gray was unarmed at the time. hopefully, you've already gotten in your wikipedia searches.if not, you're going to have to wait unttl tomorrrw. as tommy andres reports... the website and several others have gone black to protest two anti-piracy bills. bills. --reporter pkg-as follows -- for the rest of the day, wikipedia will look like this. the online encyclopedia went black to protest anti-piracy legislation that is up for debate in congress.two bills known as sopa and pipa
Jan 23, 2012 12:18am PST
to the people what comes in and out of san francisco bay. they can't see it where they are. they get the idea to build a giant wooden structure. the years that it was up here, it gave the name telegraph hill. it survived although the structure is long gone. come to the 1870's and the city has growed up remarkably. it's fueled with money from the nevada silver mines and the gold rush. it's trying to be the paris of the west. now the beach is the suburbs, the we will their people lived on the bottom and the poorest people lived on the top because it was very hard getting to the top of telegraph hill. it was mostly lean-to sharks and bits of pieces of houses up here in the beginning. and a group of 20 businessmen decided that it would be better if the top of the hill remained for the public. so they put their money down and they bought four lots at the top of the hill and they gave them to the city. lily hitchcock coit died without leaving a specific use for her bequest. she left a third of her estate for the beautify indication of the city. arthur brown, noted architect in the city, wanted for
Jan 9, 2012 12:00pm EST
is finished. still to come, we interview the new stars -- stars of the new show "are you there, chelsea?" and auto makers are back in the black. >> and the weather is trying to get our attention and tell us it is still winter. partly in the 30's which means it is cold enough for snow. a live look outdoors. >> pharmaceutical co. novartis issued a recall on several over- the-counter drugs. it is voluntary and has only been issued as a precaution but is urging u.s. customers to destroy or return unused products. they include bottles of exedrin and no doze with expiration of 2014 as well as containers wellbufrfrin and gasx, with the expiration of 2013 or earlier. the products may contain stray or broken hills. if you upgraded to the iphone4s you may have to up -- update your data plan. it eats twice as much data as its predecessor and three times as much as the 3g, according to a technology firm. most of the usage is linked to siri, the virtual personal assistant, and increasing use of other on-line services. nbc premieres a new comedy on wednesday "are you there, chelsea?" based on the bes
Jan 10, 2012 5:30pm EST
policeáá... are... looking../ .for... the gunman...// ááandáá... they... want to know...// if... she.../ was targeted, a... man... is shot.../ just.. .a... block away .../ from... a... city school....// ááyouáá can see... police.../ surveying... the area .../ of.../ north ...stricker .../ and... west... saratoga streets.../ just... after.../ 3--p-m..../// ááthat'sáá near... franklin square ... elementary..../áápoliceáá say... the victim.../ was... shot... in the hand.../ and... side...//. áástudents áá were... already dismissed.../ for... the day. baltimore county police identifty the victims of that fatal fire in essex. they were a mother and daughter. daughter. keith daniels, live outside the burned rowhome where the women lived most of their lives.. keith. 3 jennifer..... the victtms are carolyn (himmel- heber).. she was 63.. and her daughter stacy (himmel-heber).. she was 40. firefighters say they found both women upstairs.. one of them in the bathroom.. the other.. closeby...... investigators say both wo
Jan 13, 2012 5:30pm EST
... /// áálawmakersáá/... are... hearing plans.../ to... improvv safety.../ at... / clifton... t.... perkins.../ hospital ccnter.../ in... jessup....// ááthisáá after... 3--patients.../ were killed... // in... 14 months .../// áá3áá... other patients... were charged.../// in... their.../ deaths...////. áááxpertsáá... met... with lawmakers...// áárequestingáá hiring...// 28... more security... workers, .../// ááandáá... increasing... training,..../. there's a health warning tonight for parents aa one bbltimore elementary school. three children in the same school have come down with scarlett fever...... jeff abell shows us how parents are ealing with it, jeff.... even though there are drugs to treat it.... scarlet fever remains highlyy contagious..... and children are especially vulnnrabl;e..... at george washington elementary, there are now three confirmed cases....of scarlet fever.... all three are students in the same second grade class. city health officials sent a letter to parents yesterday warning them about
Jan 17, 2012 5:30pm EST
detectives.../ are... investigating. the parents of a man who died after being tasered by police.... are now suing for 145 million dollars. they're claiming wrongful death -- and excessive forcc by a frederick county sheriff deputy. deputy. the trial began today in federal court in baltimore. in 2007... 20-year-old jarrel gray was shot twice in the chest wiih a taser after he got into a fight. investigators say he refused to comply with depuuies orders to show his hands. gray died two hours after the taser incident. the case has raised many questions regarding the use of stun guns by police. eeist.">the attorney representing the sheriffs deputy claims he properly followed his training... and did not know gray was unarmed at the time. 3 howard county .../ is... investigatingg.. a case .../ of... animal cruelty.../ ááafteráá dozens ...of.../ dead animals.../ were... found inside.../ a... town- home...///. áájeffáá abell .../ live.../ in... columbia.../// ááwhereá.
Jan 18, 2012 5:30pm EST
crew to stop the leak . joy lepola fox 45 news at 5:30. nearly.../ are...// vandalized.../ at../ a.../ car deaaership..../ in.../ &p annapolis... police... say... someone .../ drilled holes... into.../ the... gas tanns ...of... 11 cars...//. ááittá happened around.../ 3 pm... tuesday.... at... koon's toyota .../ street...//. áátoniteáá police.../ aree.. casing.../ the... area.../ áálookingáá for... clues.../ pooice re asking for your help tonight in locating the persoo who abandoned aababy oo a d-c street sunday night. the baby girl was found near the steps of ttis house in tte northeast part of the ity. she was wrapped only inna towel ... and wasn't wearing a diaper or any clothhs. police say they have no clues in the case and need someone to step forward. a.../ baltimore county is... behind bars.../ áá ináá connection.../ with.. .a.../ ááthatáá police sy.../ 30... yeer-old.../ matthewwwood ...turned himself in.../ this morning..../ áátheeá crash occurrd.../ arounn... 1 ocllck.../ sunday.../
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Jan 10, 2012 1:10am PST
so long to be recognized. most people don't know who they are. they are really true heroes. i worked with all these guys. they're great great guys. just to be recognized. the tuskegee airmen, i know who they are. we have had bomber pilots see the film and stuff and they would tear up. those guys saved my life. they followed us all the way back to the base. they're the true heroes of world war ii. >> jon: i look forward to the conventions 20 years down the line where they all come. >> (laughing). >> jon: in the theaters on january 20. george lucas, everybody. ( cheers and applause )
Jan 25, 2012 7:48pm PST
are. we have to be flexible and deal with the issues at the time. at the same time as these reports come forward, we should evaluate each and do we need to do this and do it every six months or every year? vice president marshall: ok. i think with what we are trying to say, or trying to get a sense of the things that we should be looking into, decide what those are. if i say something that is not right just tell me and put those on some regular scheduled basis, is that correct? rather than what we have generally done in the past was to, when something pops in, somebody has something they want to do, put that on the agenda in there sooner or later. that is basically how things run. is that sort of what this is about? >> for the most part, yes. there are things we are supposed to do on a regular schedule. do we still need to do these things on a regular schedule? we need to schedule some things out because there are so many things that happened that we need to react to. and so we need that spot. putting together something like this will allow us to do a better job of having the flexib
Jan 5, 2012 10:00pm EST
blocks oxygen from getting to the body...making sure gas furnaces, water heaters...are inspected every year by a technician can be life saving: saving:"proper venhilation, that your oven is working properly, all your burners in place...ttat sort of thing" ...and a green light detector...can give the reassurance to those...never thought their life would be thrretened in this way... way..."yes ma'am at this time you can see the green light working" all 8 people exposed in both incidents are expected to be in west baltimore, janice park fox45 news at ten. 3 police.../ search... for answers ..../ ááafteráá a... man.../ is... found dead. police .../ say.../ family members ...found.../ the victim.../ around... noon.../// ááatáá... the... home.../ on.../ ar-san.../ avenue... at.../ 5--th... street. in... south baltimore...//.áápoliceáá say...// the... death .../ áisá... suspicious...///.áánoáá suspects... or motives.../ at this time. a.../ bolton hill... man.../ is.../
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